A change of direction

This website is almost a year old. And it’s time for a change.

That was then …..

When we began this website, Craig Kelly was representing the electorate of Hughes as a member of the Liberal Party. But far from representing his constituents, he was spending so much of his time posting conspiracy theories about climate change on Facebook.

This website was set up to fact check these claims and conspiracy theories. In the past 11 months we’ve written 18 fact sheet pages and posted 55 fact check and news posts.

….. but this is now

But in that 11 months, so much has changed. Craig Kelly is no longer a member of the Liberal Party, and he has been banned from posting on Facebook, because so much of his comment was known to be not factual.

It seems unlikely that he’ll still be the member for Hughes after the next election.

So we’re changing things around

In a month’s time, Hughes Fact Check will be moved to another web address.

And we’ll be posting a little less often. (Without those crazy climate change denying Facebook posts, there’s so much less to be said!)

The Facebook page will remain, subscribers and followers will still be advised of new content, which will still be researched and written up.

But from now on, you’ll find Hughes Fact Check at a new address. Please bookmark it.

This current address will remain for now, but in a month it will be gone.

Thanks for your support, and stick with us!

Main photo by Javier Quiroga on Unsplash. Other photo by Eric.

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