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Life in the Electroverse universe

A brief analysis of the Electroverse website shows that it has little credibility on matters relating to climate and the future.

Do wind farms kill birds?

Wind farms Do kill birds, but are a very much smaller threat than many other human activities. Technoloogy is reducing the threat.

Craig Kelly’s China Syndrome?

Craig Kelly misrepresents the facts on the relative carbon emissions of China and Australia. Australia is one of the worst carbon emitters in the world per capita.

Three old mistakes revived!

Craig Kelly MP has posted on 3 matters that he has discussed before, and are (again) misleading. Here is a quick explanation why.

Global temperature graph

Another cool month – so what?

February 2021 was cooler than February 2020. Does that indicate that “global cooling” is occurring as Craig Kelly suggests?

City under snow

Craig Kelly identifies a climate trend?

Is a cold month in UK a sign of the start of a period of global cooling, as Craig Kelly suggests? Almost certainly not. Find out why.

Aboriginal flag


Acknowledgment of country and the sad fact that this is a day of mourning for our First Nations people.


Craig Kelly and Covid-19 treatments

I have no medical expertise, but I have tried to factually review the findings of the experts, to assess Craig Kelly’s claims about Covid-19 treatments.

Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum

Craig Kelly and the “Great Reset”

Is there a real threat of a cabal of global leaders forcing a Great Reset on us and taking away our private property, as Craig Kelly says?

Lady carrying sign: "Make Hughes Think Again".

Understanding conspiracy theories

Climate change denial these days is often based on conspiracy theories. Here are some explanations of why conspiracy theories are believed.

Women of Tuvalu protest inaction on climate change.

Craig Kelly and “the great sinking islands scam”

Craig Kelly ignores key evidence that shows climate change is badly affecting many Pacific islands, and also ignores the plight of people whose homes and way of life are threatened.

Air conditioning units outside building

Craig Kelly and home cooling – 6 facts

Craig Kelly has misrepresented climate action and ignored several important facts. We can move to renewable energy without compromising supply, if the government chooses to act.

Thanks to fire-fighters at Batemans Bay

News: the Bushfire Royal Commission

The ‘Bushfire Royal Commission’ released its report last week. Our government must take strong action to address climate change or the future is bleak.

Bjorn Lomborg

Bjorn Lomborg’s climate trickery

Craig Kelly has been posting tweets from climate change critic Bjorn Lomborg. So it is worth checking out Bjorn’s track record.

Couple sharing a secret

Let’s talk tactics

Do you want to see our local member and our Australia Government working to reduce the impacts of climate change rather than denying the problem or ignoring it? There is a way you can help.


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